The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation(CyBC) is the successor of the Cyprus Broadcasting Service (CBS), which was founded in 1953 by the then British Colonial Administration of Cyprus. The Cypriot Television has been operating experimentally since 1957.

Following the independence of Cyprus and the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960, the Cyprus Broadcasting Service was renamed  Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation and since then has been operating  as a semi-governmental organization. 

In 1974, CyBC suffered a heavy blow to its facilities due to the Turkish invasion and the continued occupation of about 38% of the territory of Cyprus (loss of the central relay station in the Pentadaktylos mountain range, loss of other substations etc). 1974, however, was also the beginning of the rapid development of CyBC both in radio as well as television.

In 1982, the black & white TV productions became coloured and since 2011 the analogue transmission signal has become digital.

CyBC today operates:

a) Four radio channels (First, Second, Third and Classic).

b)  Three television channels (CyBC1, CyBC2, CyBC HD) as well as a satellite channel (CyBC Sat). 

The CyBC is an active member of international Broadcasting Organizations such as EBU, CIRCOM, COPEAM. It has a rich archive and also operates a museum of audiovisual technology, housed in a contemporary building on the premises of the corporation.